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Karol Bagh is that piece of Delhi that is continually clamoring with movement, culinary smells and joys, and Punjabi aunts and uncles attempting to clear their way in the little niches and corners of this market. Karol Bagh isn’t completely a market, however; it’s a residential location as well, which is commanded by a solid Punjabi nearness.

Most of this residential area has been converted into PGs for students preparing for IAS and other examinations. This is the main reason why a lot of restaurants and individuals have started their mess/kitchens wherein students can go and relish freshly cooked meals. Also, a very popular trend is that of the tiffin service. Since most students study after they finish off with their classes in the libraries, they do not get time to go to the mess. They opt for tiffin services wherein they get a new meal plan every day freshly cooked at their doorstep.


If you stay with CosyHomes, you can enjoy the advantages of both (mess and tiffin service) as we have a kitchen right next to CosyHomes, wherein you can go and eat a freshly cooked meal at anytime or opt for the tiffin for that kitchen next door. CosyHomes is the only only PG in Karol Bagh that can provide you with a comfortable stay at the lowest price with excellent services and with food next door.

After a long day of classes and studying in the libraries, the students get tired and want to enjoy their meals or even mid meals like tea or coffee at the comfort of their Pg. You can enjoy this comfort only at CosyHomes.

Also there are may other facilities and excellent tiffin providers very very near to CosyHomes. Tiffin service is also a very good option for students as they can enjoy a different meal everyday cooked fresh and delivered hot. 


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