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Welcome to Cosy Homes first facility Pg In Karol Bagh which started in the year 2015 was with the mindset of providing certain accommodation service for students & working professionals at very affordable prices, we offer paying guest accommodation for Girls & Boys, we ensure that your stay with us is most memorable & we would love to hear from you.


Need Accommodation In Karol Bagh

There are many Paying guest accommodations in and around Karol Bagh & surrounding areas like Rajinder Nagar, Patel Nagar with such high number of options it makes difficult to decide what the ideal choice is considering the factors like facilities offered, rent, location, Food, security, etc.


A Little About Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh is located in central part of New Delhi which has all kinds of shops specially dedicated Markets/streets for Clothing, Jewelry, Electronics (Gaffar Market is one of the biggest markets of India for electronic products like Mobile Phone, L.E.D Tv, other household items its a must-visit while you are here) famous streets like bank street(mainly wholesale/retail for jewelry items), Ajmal khan road(primarily for clothing) so since you happen to visit Delhi these places should be on your list.

what to do when you Cant Find a place to stay

Reasons For Choosing An Accommodation In Karol Bagh

Well over the years Karol Bagh has gained the popularity of becoming a nerve center for aspiring students specially who are preparing for UPSC(Indian Administrative Service & other competitive exams) well Karol Bagh has famous coaching centers like Vajiram & Ravi, Vision I.A.S, ALS etc. there are many coaching centers which have come over the years and changed the whole population demographics, major part of people now residing in and around the area are young, lots of Library’s/student study centers have also stormed the marketplace giving the right ecosystem for endeavoring students for more information on Karol Bagh kindly read our in-depth article why it should opt we have pointed out main reasons.

The area has loads of Bookshops / Private copiers who have all the up to date notes, reading materials required for various competitive exams which comes as an added advantage to any other place and makes the environment very conducive for students who are preparing, Things like these should be kept in mind before making the decision for choosing the right place while you prepare.

Where you choose to live will have a big impact on your pocket, making the wrong accommodation decision can be deterrent if not chosen wisely.


Cosy Homes is the Best Paying Guest Accommodation In Karol Bagh For Boys & Girls

Since we at Cosy Homes ensure that you get the most value for your money we follow a policy of “No Frills” so if you are looking for swanky interiors/snazzy fittings & zooty furniture then we are not on the same page, having said that it does not mean we compromise on our amenities provided. We try our best to keep things simple (K.I.S), which in turn gives us a lot of happy faces.

Coming to Delhi and finding a room for rent in Karol bagh is task in itself as the skyrocketing prices charged by many facilities/individual landlords in and around Karol bagh are 12k upwards so here at Cosy Homes we have fully furnished room for rent in Karol bagh without broker including study table, chairs, cupboards, beds, comfortable mattresses all-inclusive at just 7500/- and if you are ready to share your space with a fellow student or working professional then the room can be priced as low as 5800/- which is really tempting, ofcourse the water (250/-) & electricity charges will be extra based on your actual consumptions.

After a hectic day in our life as students or working professionals we all need good Food, hygienic joints or popularly known as tiffin service which keeps the hassle of cooking, procuring the raw materials from the local vendors which is a challenging task to do, we have lots of tiffin/mess/food joints all over the place who offer different kinds of cuisines from where a student/working prospect can order and take their monthly plans which range from 3k-4k since the competition is high in this space the end product is satisfactory.


Location is one of the most important aspects that need to be kept in mind before finalizing a single room pg in Karol bagh as the population of Delhi keeps rising with no stop in sight it has made commuting on own-vehicles a task which should be avoided, the best way to travel distance will be using public transport no we don’t recommend bus/rickshaws but we definitely give upvote to Delhi Metro making Delhiites life easy Cosy Homes Pg In Karol Bagh is located right in the middle of two Metro Stations (Karol Bagh & Rajendra Place) each taking just 5 minutes to walk from the facility.

Concerns with safety are often overlooked by young millennials but ensuring one’s safety must be on your priority list before opting for room for rent in Karol bagh for a detailed discussion on reasons for choosing pg in Karol bagh kindly refer to our article having said that we at Cosy Homes make sure that security is not compromised for our patrons and they have feeling of just as Home, our caretakers are available around the clock and even the co-founders are just a call away.

If you are a UPSC competitor, you should take a room on lease in Karol bagh. As the significant coaching institutes like Chanakya(I.A.S), Sriram are around there, you will get an assortment of accommodation from a single room, shared room, attached bathroom & also opt for  1bhk flat on rent which includes single room set (which is room + washroom + kitchen + balcony). Apart from the Pg in Karol Bagh Cosy Homes also offer 1 bhk flat on rent in Delhi for which rent normally begins at 12k and goes upto 20k for a 2 bhk flat which typically includes (Bedroom/Hall/Kitchen) for more information regarding our offerings in individual flat, room for rent in Patel Nagar kindly refer to our article.


Our Rooms & Rent Charges

Single Room Pg Double Sharing RoomTriple Sharing Room2 Bhk Full Flat
Rent OnlyRent OnlyRent OnlyRent Only
Water & Electric
Charges separate
Water & Electric
Charges separate
Water & Electric
Charges separate
Water & Electric
Charges separate

Why Choose Us

Our Co-founder Abhishek has stayed in a lot of student accommodation facility which has given him the experience about what all basic ingredients are required to have the right mix of things in ensuring a pleasant stay at a Student Hostel Facility. Having listed out many things to be considered before you choose best paying guest accommodation in Karol Bagh & be a part of our small yet hard-working students/working professionals family as “Cosy Homers” keep all these factors in mind while you decide your ideal place to stay which are:- Safety, Pocket Friendly, Centrally located, Food cost, Amenities.



In a metropolitan city like New Delhi taking measures for security is very important because most students & working professionals carry hi-tech expensive electronic gadgets to accelerate their learning/working process, at Cosy Homes we ensure the utmost safety of our residents by providing CCTV surveillance at all our premises. Also, a caretaker is always present at the premises for extra security of all the residents.



As an outsider visiting Delhi to stay for an extended period to make a successful career in Delhi or to complete a vital course or appearing for competitive exam, one has to keep in mind the budget while finding an accommodation to stay. Let us not forget the additional expenses of Food, self-maintenance, electricity alongside educational & tutoring expenses which one has to incur while he stays in the city keeping the above factors in mind Cosy Homes a cheap & budget pg in karol bagh has kept its accommodations as low as 5800/- per month only(note its half the market price).


Centrally Located

If you are a frequent traveler to your office or your institute always remember to calculate the traveling time according to the Delhi traffic which is usually double than the usual time taken therefore one must take the Delhi metro route which takes half the time to reach your destination, Cosy Homes is located at 3 very strategic locations which are only 5 minutes walking distance from the metro stations Namely Rajendra Place Metro Station, Karol Bagh Metro Station, Patel Nagar Metro Station also Cosy Homes is located equidistant from the New Delhi Railway Station, New Delhi Airport it is surrounded by number of Hospitals(Sir Ganga Ram, B.L Kapoor) & loads of Eating Joints, Local Markets which is an added advantage for the residents.


Food Cost

Being in Delhi which is a Big & Expensive city can make a huge impact on your cost of living as there are many expenses other than lodging which we discussed above one major expense is that of Food which is fuel to our body & minds the challenge is procuring good quality food at least expense. If you stay with Cosy Homes here is a Good News for you, we have a tie-up with quality service provider who offers Tiffin Services refer to our article at economical rates ranging from 2500/- to 3000/- also Cosy Homes is surrounded by number of kitchens run by home cooks which you can explore once here.



Last but not the least one very important factor to consider is that what all services are provided at your accommodation facility, two main services required by every Student/Working Professional are High-Speed Internet & Maintenance of Hygiene level at Cosy Homes we provide High-Speed Broadband Internet to all our residents & Team of Housekeeping visit our center on a daily basis to keep the surroundings clean we also offer you the washing machine to save the cost of laundry.

Parking Available

Having an parking space in Delhi is an treat to the ears as the population of Delhi/Ncr keeps rising there is no solution in sight to end the parking menace in the capital according to one survey there are at least 5000 new cars which come to Delhi roads everyday this, in turn, has made parking space a very limited resource which can be enjoyed only by few, we at Cosy Homes have ample parking space for your vehicles (car/motorcycle/scooter) this facility is not provided by all the hostels in Karol Bagh Cosy Homes leads the pack in this aspect as well.


To conclude we hope with our information provided it becomes less difficult for you to come on your final decision and make up your mind which kind of accommodation is really suitable for your needs & wants specifically, If there still exists a need for more information you are more than welcome to get in touch with our team who will help you find the right accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide food at Cosyhomes Pg?

We do not individually provide food but there is a number of kitchens, mess, and restaurants that provide meals at our pg at very cheap rates. We do provide a kitchen space where you can reheat food. CosyHomes is the best PG in Karol bagh with food.

What all facilities are there in Cosyhomes Pg?

Our facilities include Housekeeping, Study Table, Chairs, Wifi, R.O water supply, C.C.T.V security.

How far is Cosyhomes Pg from Vajiram and metro station?

5 mins walking distance

Are there any libraries near Cosyhomes Pg?

There are many many libraries just 5 to 10 mins walking distance from the pg. However, we provide a study table and chair and a separate study room as well so that you don’t have to spend money in libraries.

How much brokerage do we have to pay?

We are not brokers, its a self owned pg for boys and girls in Karol bagh and Rajinder Nagar in Delhi. No need to to find brokers in Karol bagh.

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