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Cosyhomes Pg in Rajinder Nagar is its second center in Delhi. Our founder Mr. Abhishek Oberoi started this center due to two main reasons. First being the lack of space in the first center in Karol Bagh. His polite and accommodating nature and the quality of services provided by him at Cosyhomes pg in old rajinder nagar generated a huge demand which led to a shortage of space in Karol Bagh. Also, because the main IAS institutes are situated in Rajinder Nagar, therefore the demand for a pg in old rajinder nagar was too high. Keep in mind that Rajinder Nagar itself is only 5 mins away from Karol Bagh. We offer pg in Rajinder Nagar for both girls and boys at very affordable rates. We focus on making your stay comfortable and all the students who stay with us become one big family. If you are looking for a pg in Old Rajinder Nagar  CosyHomes can help you find one. But first let’s understand why you should buy a pg in old rajinder Nagar.

Need Accommodation in Rajinder Nagar

Due to many coaching institutes and offices situated in and around Rajinder Nagar, there has been a major influx of students and professionals who want comfortable stay there. There are many PG in Rajinder Nagar, Karol Bagh and Patel Nagar but for a person who has left his/her house to stay in a different city, it becomes very difficult to arrange food etc. In such a situation, before choosing a PG one must consider factors like location, food, and electricity cost, transportation cost etc.

A Little About Rajinder Nagar

Rajinder Nagar is a residential colony situated right next to Karol Bagh which is famous for shopping and food. From the outside it looks like a chaotic place with street food vendors and chai wallahs but as you move in there comes a whole lot of youngsters with their bags and books going from one class to another. Rajinder Nagar has always been a student’s favorite when finding a comfortable accommodation/ pg in rajendra nagar. The reasons are plenty; the most important one being its connectivity to various coaching institutes. It has become a hub for students and working professionals and the whole Rajinder Nagar has accustomed itself to the needs of these students and professionals.

Reasons for Choosing a Pg In Rajinder Nagar

Rajinder Nagar is a hub for UPSC aspirants. There are all the top coaching institutes and libraries in this area and not to forget the study material is readily available near any Pg in Rajinder Nagar. Even though many aspirants stay and study here, only some are able to crack the exam. But everyone has equal opportunities and loads of support nearby, making it a favorite place to stay for students.

The vibe of Rajinder Nagar is filled with hope, positivity, dreams and desires. Opting for a Pg in Rajinder Nagar gives you an opportunity to wake up with like-minded people and stay in a disciplined atmosphere.

People from all walks of life and regions make an impression here and often leaving behind several learning. Many households in Rajinder Nagar have made space for students and some have completely made their whole households as student’s accommodations.

There are plenty of PG options available and due to this the rates are very competitive. Since most coaching institutes are located here in Old Rajinder Nagar, there are many students competing for admissions and graduation.

This not only pushes one to work harder to achieve their position but students also work as support for each other. Students; specially the IAS aspirants have to focus hard in order to compete with such a heavy competition.

Since most areas are congested with students and others, good place for students to study after their classes are reading rooms and libraries. There are many small and big libraries in Old Rajinder Nagar which are open day and night.

Also all the photocopy shops and book stores are located in close proximity and at many locations. Since most coaching institutes are located here in Old Rajinder Nagar, there are many students competing for admissions and graduation. This not only pushes one to work harder to achieve their position but students also work as support for each other.

Students come to stay in pg in old rajendra nagar from all over India, therefore one can find all kinds of food facilities of all the cultures due to which each student feels not too far away from home.

Cosy Homes is the Best Paying Guest Accommodation In Rajinder Nagar For Boys & Girls

You may get admission in the best coaching institute but you can stay motivated for such a long period in such tough schedules only if you get a good place to stay. At all locations CosyHomes is situated only maximum 5 minutes walking distance from metro station.

All rooms are fully equipped with wifi, bedding mattresses and drinking water. The caretakers are only a call away and all the centers are under cctv security.

Apart from accommodation Cosyhomes also provides you with guidance of any other sorts whenever needed and the caretakers are highly adjustable and helpful.

At Cosyhomes pg near old rajinder nagar, you will get value for your money. We believe if you have landed in Delhi to clear these exams, you have absolute clarity in your mind as to what you want to achieve and what should be your priority.

Therefore, we try our level best to provide you top level day to day functioning rather than unnecessary frills. Once you book a stay with Cosyhomes, you only need to concentrate on clearing your exams, your comfort becomes out priority. We have a one-month advance rent policy as security, which we return to you at the time you leave.

Previously stayed students from Cosyhomes, vouch for the owner’s honesty and positive attitude.

Finding accommodation in a city like Delhi, that too in Rajinder Nagar is not an easy job. Even though you will be flooded with offers, finding a place with a secured and friendly atmosphere that too within your budget can be challenging. Landlords charge 20k+ here but at Cosyhomes we provide you a fully furnished room at just 7500/- per month which includes study table, chairs, bedding, mattress, high speed wifi, geysers and more.

We charge a minimal amount of only 250/- for water (while others may charge you 500/–1000/-) and electricity charges as per your consumption.

We don’t guarantee fancy rooms and high tech accommodation but we promise you an extremely comfortable stay, a homely atmosphere, constant guidance and support.

Most coaching institutes and offices located near Cosyhomes. It is situated only 5 minutes away from the metro station. Also apart from metro station there are rickshaws and auto rickshaws which are very nominally priced.

Therefore transport is never a problem here. At Cosyhomes we never let you face shortage of water. We have the best quality R.O installed for the whole premises to make sure you drink non-polluted water.

There is hardly ever an issue of power cuts for which we are always well prepared.When it comes to food, there is absolutely no problem, in fact Cosyhomes is surrounded by a number of kitchens that provide fresh hot food that tastes just like you eat at your own house.

After a long and tiring day, a good meal can make all the difference and recharge you for the next day or the exam next morning. These kitchens provide you different regional cuisines and special meals on festivals so that you never miss home food. Apart from that Tiffin service is available.

They are extremely hygienic and deliver you meals till your door step. The whole Cosyhomes accommodation is very safe and secured with CCTV cameras. Even though you are solely responsible for all your items and properties but due to CCTVs installed, no one has ever faced any sort of mishap inside our student accommodation in Rajinder Nagar.

Apart from everything else, when it comes to choosing the ideal pg in old Rajinder Nagar , location is the most important factor to keep in mind. Cosyhomes provides you tick on all the things you need for the perfect location. Using your own vehicle in narrow streets of rajinder nagar can be frustrating and impractical.

Cosyhomes homes is located only 5 mins away from the metro station.

Why Choose Us

Knowing the problems deeply a student can face in Pgs and accommodations due to self-experience by the owner Mr Abhishek Oberoi popularly known as “Abhishek Bhaiya from Cosyhomes” he has made sure that none of the students staying in his Pg face the same issues and none of their problems or call for help goes unanswered.

Abhishek has stayed in a number of different Pgs in different locations. Due to his suffering at that time, he decided to venture out on this start-up purely with a mission to make student life in another city easy.

All the students who have ever stayed with us are still in touch with Abhishek as each and every person who stays in Cosyhomes becomes a part of a strong-knit Cosyhomes family. If factors like safety, food, transportation and budgets are your considerations, then Cosyhomes is the ideal girls pg in old Rajendra Nagar for you to stay in.

Read about these facilities in detail below


Coming to a metropolitan city and stay away from your family, alone, should put thoughts of your safety in your mind. Cosyhomes is not an overcrowded Pg in Rajinder Nagar.

Completely secured with CCTV cameras which are checked and scrutinized on a regular basis, Cosyhomes is one of the most secured girls pg in old rajinder nagar. In case of any issue or problem arises the caretaker is present and resolves all issues with peace and safety.

All the staff members as well as each and every student go through the process of police verification at the time of admission.


Most students come to Delhi looking for a pg in Rajinder Nagar after securing admission in coaching institutes like Vajiram and Ravi.

Their coaching fees is extremely high, which leaves them with little budget for stay and food. At Cosyhomes, we understand this problem and therefore, we have kept our rentals extremely low and affordable.

Our no-frills policy in which we provide high quality basic services at very reasonable price is highly appreciated by students coming in from small cities.


When you get out of your home comfort independently, you have to either own a vehicle (which may not be very cost-effective) or use public transport for traveling around the city.

Cosyhomes is located near all big and small coaching institutes and only 5 mins away from the metro station to travel anywhere else in Delhi.

All good malls, shopping complexes, major hospitals and food markets are very near to Cosyhomes pg in Rajinder Nagar.


Food is not something that everyone can enjoy the same. You might want a total vegetarian meal while someone may want a particular regional meal.

Above everything, everyone wants fresh and hygienically prepared. Staying at Cosyhomes gives you immense options of food like nearby kitchens, restaurants, Tiffin services and home chefs which are not only hygienic, healthy and tasty, they are also extremely affordable and pocket friendly.

As a student travelling away from home, it is important to stick to your budget as well as eat healthy.


At Cosyhomes we offer daily housekeeping services with no extra charge.

Ultimately you are living in a room and we want to make sure you feel great about it and enjoy your stay with us.

Single room pg near vajiram and ravi, Cosyhomes includes all basic amenities such as fully furnished rooms, fresh and delicious food from nearby kitchens, high speed internet or wifi, RO water, study table and chairs in every room, CCTV security, electric points and much more.


Students and young adults who leave their house for further studies find it hard to secure a clean, safe and comfortable room to stay in for such a long period. Cosyhomes is by far the best pg in rajinder nagar where focus remains on your comfort and providing you a homely feeling so that you can focus more on your studies and securing your positions. If you are landing in Delhi any time soon, don’t look further and contact cosyhomes at +919971639255 to book your pg in rajinder nagar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find good pg room stay near vajiram ravi ?

Your search for the best pg near vajiram ravi ends here. Cosyhomes provides you the most comfortable stay in rajinder nagar. We are situated only 5 mins away from vajiram and all other coaching institutes.

Are there PGs for working professionals in Old Rajender Nagar?

At Cosyhomes we welcome all working professionals. We provide you with single rooms with attached and shared bathroom, wifi, RO, bedding and mattress along with safety and easily available tiffin services.

Are there any PG for Girls in Old Rajender Nagar?

Cosyhomes is the safest pg for girls in rajinder nagar. It is completely secured with CCTV cameras and all facilities and comforts are provided so that you can stay away from home safe and secure.

What is the rent for single room PG accommodation?

Cost for single without a/c is R.s 7,500/- and for a/c room it is R.s 9,000/-

Is the rent of paying guest accommodation in Delhi inclusive of the electricity bill?

Cosyhomes is the most affordable pg in rajinder nagar in Delhi. Our rent is extremely low as compared to other pgs in delhi. We charge separately for electricity which is according to the units that you consume. Our per unit rate is also extremely affordable and lower than the market rate.

Are there any PG accommodation under 6K available in Old Rajendra Nagar?

Cosyhomes provides you clean, secured and comfortable rooms, well ventilated and with free wifi access starting at 5800/- for double sharing rooms.

Are there any good PG accommodation for students available in Old Rajendra Nagar?

Cosyhomes pg in old rajendra nagar is the most affordable pg for students where you can get all the required facilities like study table, chairs, wifi and also, it is surrounded by libraries, tiffin services and kitchens.

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